Here's how to sign up to be a shelter affiliate and get donations each time your community downloads the Lost Cat Search Guides.

A special donations affiliate link  for animal shelters, cat rescue groups,  and HASS pilot shelters.
Sign up as an affiliate and your group will get automatic donations each time oneone downloads the  "How to Find a Lost Cat" search guide via your Lost & Found /Resources page.
Here's the link and how to get on the list:

1. Register at Lost Cat Educational Materials

2. Click Affiliate Admin (top header)


3. Choose Edit Profile


4. Enter the Paypal email address where you want to receive payments.

  • Enter Name of shelter or your name, then click Apply.

  • Choose Affiliate Program

  • Click on the Lost Cat Finder code*

  • Select Common HopLink


Highlight both the "Product Specific link"

and "Product Direct Link"  so you can copy/ paste to save for your reference.


Use the first link if you want to send people to the Lost Cat  Search Guides info page. Use the second link to allow them to order directly from your own page.





If you don't see Lost Cat Finder already in the drop down menu,  it's usually due to browser cookie settings.


To by-pass this, just log back into the Ejunkie account you already registered, stay logged in, then find the merchant's sign-up link and click that again (same link you clicked to join their program previously). 

If any questions, contact us via chat!

Chat Support

Chat with us in 

2 = Text Link 

This link redirects to the merchant's sales page for Lost Cat Materials.

3= product hop link

 Button Code 

Product Hop Link

1 = HTML Button Code 

<a href="" target="ejejcsingle">Click here to view more details</a>

2 = Text Link 

This link redirects to the merchant's sales page for Lost Cat Materials.

Product Direct Link

3= HTML Button Code 

<a href="" class="ec_ejc_thkbx" target="ej_ejc"><img src="" border="0" alt="Buy Now"></a>

4=  PRODUCT Text Link

This link creates a Buy Now button which you can place on your page to let buyers purchase Lost Cat Materials directly without visiting the merchant's Web site.

product direct button

product direct TEXT LINK Bottom option on the page