Lost Pet Search and Rescue:

additional support for those who need extra help finding a lost cat.

Purrs, gratitude & good Karma

This is a donation piggy bank for anyone who wants to support my volunteer work in disaster zones or appreciates my extra efforts and hours on a lost cat case. This is also a way to submit payment for any odd amounts not covered in the standard Lost Cat Finder services  buttons elsewhere.


Thank you for any and all donations toward my lost cat recovery work.  

Purrs, peace & continued support

For anyone who wants custom coaching after watching my How to Find a Lost Cat tips video and reading the booklet, this option gives you daily or weekly help as your search develops.

I encourage lost cat owners to never give up, and I'll never give up on you as long as you want my advice and support.

Not everyone has a set plan for their lost cat needs, and this donation button goes directly to Kim, the Lost Cat Finder to help with the expenses of staying 100% focused on refining my missing cat recovery techniques.

Whether you already bought by book on finding lost kitties and you want to add a consult or a cat search via Facetime, this button covers any odd expense.

It is also a nice place to say thank you if you feel the Lsot Cat Finder has gone above and beyond on your case!

Thank you, purrs and peace.

Lost cat finder pet detective in person

Custom coaching options mean you can get additional help after our initial lost cat consult, whether it was done via ZOOM, email, phone or Facetime.

UPDATE for 2020  Coronavirus rates: Lost Cat Coaching rates are $100 for the first hour and $2 a minute after that.

Coaching can be done via Zoom as a sit-down discussion or via Facetime live video with you showing me the area so I can direct you to find your cat. Having me guide you as you search via live video is the next best thing to me being there in person.

If you need to go overtime, you can just use the DONATIONS button to the left to cover our extra time on your lost cat case.