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The first cat collar with a glow light that's reflective, breakaway, and even supports a tiny video camera for your cat.


Searching for a cat collar with GPS for tracking a cat who gets outside?


Even if GPS collar devices were small enough for a cat, GPS still has many limitations.


For one, GPS cat collars are based on satellites and a cell phone plan. Cats are notorious for hiding UNDER things where satellites cannot reach. And masters at getting out of collars.


If your cat is lost more than two days (i.e., you're out of town and a pet sitter does tell you) that GPS battery will be dead. Your cat might as well be carrying a rock around their neck.


There is a better, simpler way to track your cat. With no GPS or texting plan necessary. 

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the first breakaway cat tracker collar with a reflective border and orange LED light.

  • simple cat locator based on light

  • no cell phone or signal needed

  • battery lasts weeks, not days

  • Simple loop for quick release

  • LED light for a GLOW effect can also blink & flash

  • Perfect alternative to old cumbersome buckle cat collars

  • Unique collar design for cat safety

  • Option for custom or personalized cat ID on collar

  • comes with an elastic safety band for cat camera

  • wide enough for light to be seen from all angles

  • custom ID readable without picking up the cat

  • grommet hole to hang it up or add a tag / tracking device

A unique cat tracking collar seen all the way around.