Cat trapped and dumped by neighbor

What seemed at first like a Lost cat case was actually a CRIME OF THEFT AND CRUELTY.

Brownie the cat vanished when a neighbor decided he did not want any cats around his pregnant wife. He caught Brownie and took her across town to where he ordered donuts at a drive-through window then dumped the kitty out back.

Once he confessed, we knew where to look but Brownie was making her way home.

"With the help of Kim the Lost cat finder, we have our trapped and dumped kitty back home. It took a long time as this was not a lost cat case, it was a criminal case of a man trapping our cat and dumping him across town!


I've written up our "LOST CAT FOUND" story which is a "DUMPED CAT FOUND" tale in reality. You are welcome to share it with anyone in the world:)


This is the story of how our kitty girl Brownie’s search and recovery.


As I was out driving around looking for Brownie in the middle of the night, I felt overwhelmed, and completely distraught, as I came to the realization that Brownie was no longer in the area where she had been dumped by my neighbor.


We had not seen her on any cameras for 3 weeks. We had (along with the help of faithful friends) passed out over 250 flyers, put up neon posters, knocked on many doors, searched the woods over and over many times, trapped and rescued other kitties, made a Facebook page (Bring Brownie Home MB), put ads on every lost pets page we knew of, put ads in the local paper and on Craigslist...but no Brownie.

I literally cried out to God. Many prayers had been sent up for Brownie. We had asked God to send His angels to protect her from harm, continuously for the five weeks she had been missing. I begged God to lead me to Brownie or to lead her home. I simply couldn’t stand much more. I was talking to my Mom on the phone, crying, praying…this had become my normal nighttime routine…walking through the woods in the middle of the night calling out to Brownie, driving the same routes over and over just for the hope of a glimpse of our sweet kitty. I had reached out to Lost Cat Finder Kim Freeman for assistance and asked her where to go from here. She advised me to widen the search area.


I began thinking of where Brownie may have moved on to. She had been dumped in a commercial business area. Where would she go? The area was essentially a triangle surrounded by busy roadways on three sides. If she tried to make her way home, she would have to cross a busy highway (Hwy 544) and I prayed she would try to do so only in the middle of the night. As I drove around, I found myself in a small community I had never been to before. In was just south of what would have been a direct route home for Brownie. I suddenly felt hope. She could be there somewhere. I decided to focus on that area.

The next day, after searching the original area thoroughly once again, two of my dear friends whom I had met through our search for Brownie decided they weren’t going home until they covered this new area with flyers and posters. They came to the very last house in the development, at the end of the road, and my friends knocked on the door and handed the residents a flyer. The resident stated that a new cat had shown up two weeks ago and that it had to be Brownie, they were positive it was her. One of my two friends had been having dreams about Brownie almost every night.


She was sure this was the area in her dreams where Brownie was found. So Operation Bring Brownie Home began. We prayed for guidance. We set out food and water bowls. We set up trail cameras and we waited. We received images of three different kitties overnight. One which was the resident’s cat, one tabby which we determined not to be Brownie and one unknown…a tabby with its back turned to the camera. Could it be her? We had looked at so many cat images over the past five weeks. We weren’t sure, but we couldn’t rule this cat out.


The next morning we came up with our plan. Set up a large dog trap on the outside perimeter and spend the night in a sleeping bag waiting for this kitty to show up. Brownie wasn’t getting away from us if this was her. My husband responded to the location to put new batteries in the trail cameras and to set the dog trap.

When my husband checked the SD card on one of the trail cameras (not a live feed camera) that had captured images overnight, he was shocked.


There she was. Our Brownie. Our little baby girl. Pretty as a picture. He began texting me the pictures and I cried tears of joy and praised God upon seeing her sweet face. I called my husband on the phone and he told me to listen.


He was talking to Brownie and she was meowing back at him. He couldn’t see her, but at the residents' urging, he knelt down and began calling for her under their home. Each time he spoke her name she answered.


My husband then says, “I have Brownie. We are coming home!” She had come out from under the house and crawled into his lap. Brownie is home!

Kim Freeman, thank you for all your guidance throughout this mess. You are the best lost cat finder ever!"

Traci in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina