Lost indoor cat who jumped from a car found 90 days later, after 3 months starving on a Texas ranch near Houston.

MIRACLE SURVIVOR CAT! Escaped indoor kitty found after 90 days of summer on a Texas ranch. Here's the good news story from Hugo's owner Nancy:



"After exactly 90 days...we have Hugo home!!!!"


Our ranch foreman spotted him twice near the old goat shed. Believe me, I was stunned and euphoric!!! After running down there and sitting for 9 hours, I took a break.


When I returned 2 hours later I had caught him on camera! Just as I was about to rearrange cameras for the night, I turned around and there he was!


I followed all of your suggestions (I had just re-read your whole book from when I printed it out 3 months ago) so I was extremely patient and... finally had the chance to make the grab 3 hours later under the full moon.


… He has lost more than half of his body weight. As you can see, he is literally skin & bones.


Dull coat, very weak BUT super cuddly once I caught him!


I got the millions of burs and stickers out and bathed him. He saw the vet here on Friday and we are headed back to Dallas tomorrow where he will be more thoroughly tested by his regular vet.


He had been living in an old goat barn we haven’t used for decades. A recent shredding of the tall grass, scrub, cactus and thistles helped.


I am SO grateful for your help!


I'm happy to talk if you want any information to help your data base regarding an indoor cat lost in the country wilderness.


The vet said it will probably take 6 months for him to recover. I am happy to pamper him through it.


You told me not to give up. I never gave up :-))




Nancy & Hugo

Hugo cat found after 90 days lost texas.
Hugo before he was a lost kitty.png